Great Uhr-A Tank Chase Roofless Fiat Multipla And Run Over It


Slow news? It's time for a strange story to end your week.

So what do you get if you combine a celebrity from the field of senior photography, a Fiat Multipla and a professional drifter? This is a series of videos in which an ugly car was junk. Confused? Let me try to explain that to you.

Hide The Pain Harold or simply Harold or Maurice, is a meme celebrity that has become famous over the past decade for expressing facial expressions on stock photos that appear to hide his pain. If you are like us who have spent some time on the Interwebs, you have probably seen this guy before.

We didn't know Harold owned a legendary car – a Fiat Multipla, one of the ugliest cars in the world ever seen. This car is so ugly that even the Sketch Monkey found it difficult to redesign it.

Amon Oliver, a professional drifter from Hungary, decided in mid-2019 to buy this Multipla, which he wanted to have fun with. It was a series of multipla videos that have grown in importance because of their nonsensical entertainment value.

Here is the first of this video series:

Oliver certainly had a great time with this Multipla in the second half of last year. He made it a drift car, a WRC competitor, and eventually converted it to a convertible by chopping off the roof. It couldn't get weirder, could it?

But 2020 is the end of an era – Harolds Multipla must end. Oliver decided to end the life of the car, and what better way to do that than to run over a tank on it. There was a little chase, but don't worry, we think Harold wasn't injured.



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