Great Mustang vs. Range Rover SVR Drag Race has a goal you won't believe


We saw a lot of drag race videos at There were some pretty strange pairings among them, but this video from Road Test TV on YouTube shows us something we have never seen before. No, it's not an unusual competition between a Ford Mustang and a Range Rover Sport SVR. Rather, it's the result of their first race dropping our jaws, and if you think you know what's coming, think again. 27,490

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save an average of over $ 3,400 US $ 575 horsepower (429 kilowatts) for all four wheels. This particular Mustang carries the bezel of the early S550 models from 2015 to 2017, which means that its 5.0-liter V8 delivers 435 hp (324 kW) for the rear tires alone. On paper, the SVR seems to have the edge, but it's also about £ 1,500 heavier.

Such masses certainly balance the conditions of competition, and this is where it becomes very interesting. The first pass on the strip dramatically demonstrates this equality, as both vehicles have identical runtimes and – 13.05 seconds at 109 miles per hour. Technically, the Mustang was slightly faster at 109.48 versus 109.13, and was 3 thousandths faster on the track. Still, it's dead like you've never seen it on a drag strip. It's hard to do with two identical vehicles, not to mention two from very different genres.

  Mustang vs. Range Rover Sport SVR Drag Race
  Mustang vs. Range Rover Sport SVR Drag Race

But wait a minute – the Mustang drove well in front of the Range Rover and had a huge starting advantage. Timing systems on the drag strips are independent for each lane and the clock only starts to run when the car has actually moved away from the start line. The Mustang left the line over half a second faster than the SVR (see photo above right, which shows the response time of each driver), and although it doesn't sound like much, it instantly means more than a car length of the bat. The Range Rover could have been in the light a few minutes before accelerating, and the elapsed time would still be the same. The response time would be catastrophically bad .

  Mustang vs. Range Rover Sport SVR Drag Race
  Mustang vs. Range Rover Sport SVR Drag Race

But that's not the end of the story. These opponents are competing for the second time, and this time the start is almost the same. Who wins the day We'll leave that for the video, but based on the scary first pass, you can bet it's very tight.