Great In 2021, Hyundai Tucson spied everything covered in snow

Usually the mysterious world of auto-spy photography is a world of linear progression. Early prototypes are heavily camouflaged, and over time, these covers shrink until we get a skin-tight wrap that sometimes peels off and releases parts of the end product. As you can see from this current series of Hyundai Tucson spy photos, we're dealing with the early part of the progress of spy photos. Unless we are not. Wait what?

We have seen the next generation Tucson several times, with many of these sightings having prototypes covered with a thin wrap over some false panels, especially around the front clip. This vehicle, tested in the snowy north, obviously has heavy covers that hide details that we have already seen. That is, unless these "details" were part of the wrong panel facade and this prototype actually hides everything under the black covers. However, this is probably not the case. For unknown reasons, it just appears to be a prototype that Tucson is dressed in heavier.

We already know that underneath the new Tucson is a shape that is "visually very interesting", but what exactly that means is still uncertain. If you see this prototype with more camouflage in front, it could indicate that the recently stuck, thinly camouflaged vehicles exaggerate the fresh face of the SUV. Automatic speed transmission on the US market. It could be available as either a turbocharger or a suction mill. In the meantime, an updated 1.6 liter engine and possibly a diesel should be available on the European and Asian markets. It will either spin the front wheels or all four.

As for the date of disclosure, nothing is set in stone, but our intelligence says it is a 2021 model that will be launched later this year. Most likely, it will be revealed sometime in the second half of 2020.


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