Awesome Volvo S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country Spying Tests Upcoming Refresh

The Volvo S90 Sedan, V90 Wagon and V90 Cross Country are equipped with styling updates along the way. These photos show all three, as they were tested in cold weather in Sweden. Following these photographs and earlier images, the Company does not intend to make any major changes to the appearance of this update.

Volvo's camouflage covers sections with tiny covers of the lower bumpers. There is also tape around the front splitter. The parts are arranged horizontally, so that the vehicles may look wider when the camouflage dissolves. In addition, the radiator grille spokes have a more concave shape.

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Snow covers the rear of these vehicles, leaving some of the changes hidden. If you look closely, tape is visible at the bottom of the bumper near the exhaust. Volvo also hides parts of the taillights, which also indicates design changes for them.

So far, the design revisions for the interior are a mystery. However, infotainment system upgrades seem to be virtually certain. Also, look for Volvo to introduce its latest active safety technology.

Also changes to the powertrain are not known. A number of mild hybrid and plug-in drives should still be available. According to the company, Volvo is currently introducing the latest generation of diesel engines. Make sure that these are also available.

Given the small changes, it is unlikely that Volvo will wait a long time for the upgraded models with the premiere of the first generation. The company could have a staggered limousine and wagon revelation to maintain interest in buyer enhancements.


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