Awesome Two GM employees detained after being caught racing Chevy Corvette C8s


We all know how cool the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette is. I mean, we wrote a lot of stories about it. We also know that driving is great, with restrictions that are reserved only for those who have the skills and access to race tracks and private tracks to drive these awesome cars really hard. Because we all know that public roads are never a place to accelerate and endanger others, right? GM employees know that too. Well, most of them do it. Because, according to automobiles, two GM employees did not understand the memo and stepped on the accelerator in the respective C8 Corvettes in Bowling Green, Kentucky and asked the state police to pull them over multiple violations.

Alexander Thim and Mark Derkatz were stopped by the police on the night of January 8 after doing the aptly named (speed) lovers Lane's set speed limit of 45 mph had exceeded 26 mph. You are currently facing (of course) frantic pace, reckless driving and auto racing on public roads. No exact speed has been specified at this time. However, if you exceed the Kentucky speed limit by 42 km / h, you will receive a judicial hearing and possible suspension.

Good news is that nobody crashed, nobody was injured, and the Corvettes were towed to a local assembly point, where they were picked up by GM representatives the next day. While it is not currently known whether Thim and Derkatz are still employed at GM, the company had to say the following: "We are aware of an incident with our test vehicles and are currently investigating. Safety remains a top priority at General Motors. We have that No further comment at this time. "



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