Awesome Hyundai Palisade, Kia Telluride receive small price increase


If you drive to your local Kia or Hyundai dealer in the near future, the three-row SUVs of the two brands are now somewhat more expensive. According to a new report from Cars Direct citing "a recently published price guide", both the Kia Telluride and the Hyundai Palisade receive a slight price increase for the features of both models. When the automaker announced prices for both models, it cost the Kia higher than the palisade, and it appears that the structure remains intact.

According to the publication, Hyundai raised the price of the palisade by $ 250, adding $ 225 to the MSRP and $ 25 determination fee. The starting price of the Palisade is $ 32,895. It was $ 32,645. The price jump brings the Palisade Limited in the top price range 47,745 USD if it is equipped with all-wheel drive. This would make the Hyundai a little more expensive than its Kia brother, although this isn't the only price change.

The Kia Telluride is also seeing a price increase, although for a total price jump of $ 275 that means a larger increase of $ 25. So the starting price of the Telluride is $ 33,060 or $ 165 higher than that of its Hyundai brother. The original telluride price was $ 32,785.

Sales were strong for both in 2019, although neither was on sale all year round. Kia sold 58,604 tellurides, while Hyundai sold about half as many palisades – 28,736 – although it later reached dealers. The demand for SUVs was high, according to Cars Direct .

While the small price hike may deter some customers, sales are unlikely to decrease as consumers continue to buy larger cars. The Telluride has been named Car, Commercial Vehicle, and Truck of the Year in North America, and there are rumors that Kia might not only develop a long-wheelbase version, but could also offer higher quality equipment along with an off-road package. It's a lot for the new SUV, but what is life without ambition?



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