Awesome Giant BMW kidney grille visible in 4 prototype Spy Shots

It is currently the worst kept secret in the automotive industry. However, if you need further proof that BMW has indeed lost the collective mind, these spy shots reveal the future of the 4 Series. No, you can not see the giant kidney grille at a glance, but our intrepid spy photographer came in to take a daring look up close. Be careful because these images may be annoying to some viewers. 19659008] Save with Car Purchase Service

On average more than $ 3,400 over the MSRP * If there's good news here, the grille does not seem to be quite as big as we did on the BMW Concept 4. The camouflage is still very obscure on the front, but the very look indicates that there is a stronger curve in each corner at the bottom. This could give the grille a wider look in production vehicles than the Concept's long buck-tooth design.

  BMW 4 Series Spy Photo
  BMW 4 Series Spy Photo

This prototype also clearly reveals the associated chainmail Radiator grille insert that we saw on the concept car, or at least something similar. This could be a standard design for the 4 Series since leaked photos could show an M model with horizontal bars instead of shiny stars.

As for the rest of the car, it looks marvelously smooth and subtle – as was the case with BMW earlier – although a close look at the rear large openings at the corners of the rear panel reveals. When this car is finally unveiled, we feel we will be showing it from the side and back rather than from the front. Speaking of when will the new 4 Series break the cover?

BMW recently announced that its new M4 GT3 race car will go public in the second half of 2020. We therefore expect that the standard 4er stands before it. A June revelation or something even earlier for model year 2021 is likely.