Awesome Cammisa drives Shelby GT500 against Ferrari 812 Superfast, 911 GT3 RS


Ford's rollout for the new Shelby GT500 was slow, but it was definitely worth the wait. Our first ride on the GT500 showed that it was indeed a car that could be a drag-strip monster and a street course master, although we couldn't compete with actual competitors.

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Save an average of over $ 3,400 compared to RRP * with Car Buying Service [19659010] Enter Jason Cammisa, a guru who is not unaccustomed to losing funny sentences while driving fast. He recently spent some good time with the new Shelby, and a film crew captured the action in the video shown above by ISSIMI Offical on YouTube. More importantly, he brought a few other cars for comparison and they are some very strong drivers.

Yes, there is a drag race with a Challenger SRT Hellcat, but frankly that's not too interesting. The encounters between Mustang and Challenger have been going on for literally 50 years. The encounter of the new GT500 with the Ferrari 812 Superfast and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS is extremely interesting . That's because this aspiring Mustang is way above its salary level, but here's the thing. It actually has a chance against these two epic super sports cars.

The video begins with an allusion to Shelby's roots as a large muscle machine with straightforward aspirations and not much else. Ultimately, Cammisa points out that the new car is no longer the same roaster as in the 1960s or even in the shelters of the S197 era. Yes, it is a capable drag racer, although it cannot outperform the Superfast outside the prepared surface of a proper drag strip. The Ferrari has a better weight distribution and a V12 with 789 hp, but the GT500 was not that far . The first round of the Supercar vs Shelby match goes to the 812 Superfast.

However, it is the second round in which the cheeks are dropped. The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is pure happiness on a winding track, and with less than seven minutes of Nürburgring time, there are only a few production cars that are faster. Is the new GT500 included? Climbing the Nordschleife is very different from doing laps at the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in California, and we still have to see the GT500 in the Green Hell. At the end of this particular challenge, however, the lap times of the two cars were less than two tenths of a second.

Did the Shelby actually hit a 911 GT3 RS on a racetrack? We leave this cliffhanger to Cammisa and the epic video above.



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