Awesome 2020 Honda S660 is the updated roadster that you still can't have

S660 / S660 Modulo X with minor model change

Honda has introduced a minor model change for the open 2-seater sport "S660 (Eslo Krokumaru)", which was well received for its sporty driving performance and easy handling in everyday life ,

Under the motto "deepening design", this model change further refines the design by adding front pillars in the same color as the body color and using a redesigned aluminum wheel and a new active green pearl, the first in Japan. Called. In the interior, the comfort was improved by adding a seat heater * 1 according to the changes in the accent of the seat skin * 1.

Major changes to the S660

・ Change in the color of the headlamp / secondary headlamp reflector
・ Additional lighting * 1
・ Change in the color of the rear light / inner window
・ Change in the design of the radiator grille [19659003] Interior
– Alcantara on the steering wheel / gear lever knob skin ® adopted ※ 1
* 1 Only for α
Also the "S660 Modulo X" of the "Modulo X" series, a complete car brand, the exclusive Special parts * 2 installed during the mass and distributes production process, has undergone a minor model change and will be for sale on January 31 (Fr.).

S660 Modulo X is, and a charming exterior to deepen the design of the S660 to pursue a sense of quality and sportiness, Alcantara ® has been enhanced by the interior of the expanded deployment site, which is a pleasure to own. 19659002] Major changes to the S660 Modulo X
・ New color aluminum wheel (black sputter finish)
・ Color change of the door mirror cover (Night Hawk Black Pearl)

Alcantara dedicated ® × leather steering wheel
Alcantara ® expansion of the acquired location (shift boots for side brake covers, etc.)
Design changes for a special sports leather seat

* 2 parts, developed by Honda Access Inc., manufacturer of original Honda accessories

manufacturer's suggested retail price

S660 Modulo X


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