Awesome 2018 Dacia Duster rendered as pickup, GT and three-door version

After seven years on the market, where more than a million sales have been made, the "affordable" Dacia Duster is being sold in the second generation. To meet its budget-saving SUV status, Renault's Romanian low-cost division uses approximately the same substructures that are now housed in a slightly redesigned body and updated interior.

Being a hugely popular and near-global vehicle model, it has already aroused the interest of some talented people with Photoshop knowledge. In this case, X-Tomi Design imagines all sorts of versions of the 2018 Duster. While two are just funny design exercises (the sporty GT and the three-door), the other two are actually plausible.


Take for example the basic version in all its unpainted bumpers. This could well be the entry-level version of the 2018 Duster, which rides on steel wheels and has no color drops on the side mirrors and the door handles. Dacia will also omit the fog lights to further reduce the starting price – a decision that makes sense in the light of the main assets of the SUV is represented by the very achievable offer price.

There are good chances for the pick-up to be used in practice, as Renault already sells one under its own name in South America. The above model is called Duster Oroch and has existed for more than two years. Hopefully Dacia will be able to sell its own version in Europe this time, though it is too early to know for sure.

The Duster may be one of the cheapest new SUVs you can buy for money, but that does not have to mean technology in sight. The new version includes extras like a multi-view camera, blind spot warning, keyless entry and automatic headlights. Additional security is provided by climate control and head airbags. Needless to say, an optional 4×4 system will be available. All in all, the revamped Duster has the right ingredients to once again become a big hit for Dacia and its parent Renault.

Playback: X-Tomi Design


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