Amazing Top 10 Most Popular New Cars and Trucks by State

Automobile manufacturers sold 17.1 million new cars in the United States in 2019. Sales figures for 2019 are still remarkable after 17.3 million in 2018. Consumers have more choices than ever before when they go to a car dealership if they choose a crossover, SUV, or truck. With all the variety that consumers have to choose from today, they still flock to their preferred security blankets. used its own data to decide which new cars and trucks were most popular as of 2019. The website dealt with automotive retail registrations for individuals, with rentals and registrations for government organizations omitted. Many on the list will come as no surprise, as domestic pickups – Ford, Chevy, and Ram – dominate as well as Asian sedans. However, there are also some surprises. Click through the slides to see the 10 most popular new cars and trucks by state, including Puerto Rico. An interactive map of the United States can be found at .


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