Amazing Koenigsegg Mission 500 Coming to Geneva at 311 MPH Speed ​​Target?


Bugatti was the first to join the 300-mile club with the Chiron Super Sport 300+ unveiled last September. Although the production car is limited to 440 km / h, Top Gear states that a customer can ask Bugatti to remove the limiter. Not only that, but also an owner can go to the Volkswagen Group's Ehra-Lessien and try to recreate Andy Wallaces 300 km / h on the same test track with his Jesko who wants to break the 300-mile mark. When the Agera RS replacement was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show almost a year ago, the Swedish hypercar brand briefly mentioned a Jesko 300 version that can reach 482.8 km / h.

Koenigsegg is actually confident that the Jesko will cross this impressive mark to dethrone his own car in the Speed ​​Race – the Agera RS at 277.87 mph. Incidentally, the Chiron Super Sport 300 was not named the fastest production car in the world because it did not reach top speed in both directions.

A new report from The Supercar Blog suggests The Jesko will be much faster since Koenigsegg is said to be working on a version that will break down the next big speed barrier – 500 km / h. It is not known whether it is the same Jesko 300 or an even hotter version, even though our money is on the previous scenario.

Either way, Koenigsegg will apparently be launching a Mission 500 concept at the Geneva Motor Show in Geneva in March to preview a production hypercar that can reach the incredible speed of 500 km / h. The report does not explicitly say that the concept will be based on the Jesko, but that would make most sense as it is the company's newest car.

The 89th -th edition of the annual Swiss Motor Show is scheduled to begin on March 3 with the first press day.



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