Amazing Cadillac explains why his badge sits high on the grill


Car design is a moody thing. A misplaced design line or an uncomfortable angle can make an ugly duckling out of good looks, and that's the last thing an automaker wants. That's why the position of the Cadillac grille is so high – it's just about the coherence of the design. Cadillac Society recently asked several Cadillac designers about the high badge in the grille, and the publication got interesting answers.

The high-placed badge creates a visual bridge between the headlights, which cover the grille and connect the three in a natural way. The horizontal headlights and the vertical accent lighting from Cadillac are new. Previous Cadillacs had vertical headlights that allowed the badge to sit in the center of the grille.

If you move the badge to the center of the Cadillac grid, the badge will appear as "falling" according to the release. The badge's higher position is also possible thanks to larger grids that give Cadillac designers the space they need to experiment with the badge's position. This new grille position can be seen on the Cadillac XT6, Cadillac CT6 and other updated or new Cadillac models.

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It's easy to overlook these small design decisions, but design works best when it doesn't bother, and Cadillac's high badges don't distract, it's these little things that help improve a vehicle's design and create a visually appealing and proportioned package.

Because cars , Crossovers and SUVs are getting bigger and more diverse, the larger grids provide enough space for a variety of badges.If Cadillac maintains its horizontal headlights and vertical accents, the badge should be in the upper area of ​​the near future Radiator grills lie.