Amazing 1976 Alfa Romeo 33 Navajo By Bertone: Supercar Sunday


Name: Alfa Romeo 33 Navajo Concept
Debut: Geneva Motor Show 1976
Engine: 2.0-liter V8
Technical data: 230 PS

In the world of dark, one-offs we would argue only a few are as interesting as the Alfa Romeo Navajo. The super sports car, designed by Bertone and inspired by spaceships, debuted in 1976 at the Geneva Motor Show. It was the last of a handful of concept cars built by various Italian design companies on the bones of the legendary 33 Stradale. A list also contains other oddballs with names as strange as Carabo, Iguana and Cuneo.

Inspired By An Icon

Production of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale ended in 1969. The rare sports car – of which only 18 were made – ended an era in one of Alfa Romeo's most important design languages. Clearly different looking vehicles like the GTV and Montreal came on the market in the 1970s and gave off the slim profile of the 33 Stradale and other vehicles for a more edgy look.

But long after the production of the 33 Stradale ended, Nuccio Bertone got his hands on the chassis (especially chassis # 750.33.11) and took the styling in a strange new direction. One of six unique pieces – including Carabo, Iguana, Cuneo and others designed by Bertone, Giugiaro and Pininfarina – gave the Navajo concept an unprecedented look that was more inspired by the future than Alfa's past.

  1976 Alfa Romeo 33 Navajo concept by Bertone
  1976 Alfa Romeo 33 Navajo concept by Bertone

Bertone made his debut almost exclusively with fiberglass for the 33 Navajo body Concept at the Geneva Motor Show. Behind the driver was a 2.0-liter V8 with 230 hp. And inside, a redesigned cabin provided more space for two passengers. The angular edges, hinged headlights and orange accents as well as the corresponding Bertone logo on the embedded wing naturally gave the Navajo a futuristic look that is second to none. Even the other 33 Stradale concepts that came before him looked tame in comparison.

Unfortunately, like many concept cars of the time, Bertone built only one example of the 33 Navajo. The new price is reported to be around $ 3 million, but it is unclear whether the one-off was ever sold or whether Bertone ever intended to sell it. Still, the Alfa Romeo 33 Navajo from Bertone was an interesting look at what could have been.



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